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This article is written by my close friend Mrityunjay Tiwari from MBA ,which narrates the dilemma of humana action and their impact!! Enjoy reading and don't forget to put ur valuable feed back!!
My mind asks me many times that whether what I am doing without my heart being involved is any how going to affect my life. So my inner self comes to my rescue and tries to answer my mind’s dilemma. First of all see what Steve Jobs has to say about action and life....

"I didn’t know whether what I was doing is in what way going to influence my life. What you do at present is a dot in your life. You don’t know what it signifies. You can't connect these dots by looking forward, but once you look backwards these all dots form a line or say a path."
I agree. What I am doing right now may not appeal me. i may not know what i am going to get out of it or rather I may know. But sometimes my present state doesn’t appeals me. Sometimes it happens that I don’t bother and just do things mechanically. So should I stop doing it?

Then why do people say follow your heart???

They do because every thing I do, my heart gives a signal. But sometimes it doesn’t reach my mind.

So can I do something which I don’t love????
Yes, because when I am taking any action it is going to affect many lives positively. This creates goodwill. Thus this goodwill gives me a dedicated network of people who will remain with me.
Newton’s 3rd law states that every action has opposite and equal reaction. So every action which I am going to take with my sheer hard work and without any heart will also give me good results.
Thus as life progresses I walk with these good wills which is the result of work which I have done mechanically, to get something which my heart says and reaches my mind.

So every action I do will always give good results?
Sometimes it may not.
So what’s the use of putting so much effort?
Because, every time I take any action with hard work I get a new dot of my life. It’s up to me how soon I connect those dots.

What does it mean?
It means see as soon as possible, what I have done and learnt from my old actions, to learn some new actions and thus see whether this appeals to my heart or not. It thus creates a vicious cycle. “Old unwanted actions force me to look back to the dots and then do something which is not same as old action. If it appeals me I won’t look back until I get success. If it doesn’t appeals me I will look back again soon.”
It implies that every action is a new learning process.
One final question, should I rest when I get success at any stage?
Now you tell me what is success? It is not a destination where I can rest. It’s a process, process which never ends. So idealism says I should never stop a process of my life. So always remain foolish.
Because once I know every thing I stop acting and process stops. And if the process stops I don’t get any further dots and any more actions.
So remain foolish and I will keep acting!

(This I wrote out of my present state of displeasure in MBA from one of the so called best institutes of India. What I have written in last lines about success I owe it to my lovely junior “GAMBHIR”. Please, if you are reading this I need your views about my views.)

Kya Likhun!!!  

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This was my very first poem and it's more about dilemmas in life.I love this poem and i always ponder before writing ki kya likhun !! yahi hota hai shayad jab bhi likhne baithta hun .Log kehte hain aap kavita nahi likhte ,kavita apko likhti hai ,aur jab kavita ko kagaz pe barasana hota hai to wo ye nahi dekhtii ki apke pass koi vishay(subject) hai ki nahi ,wo to bus aa jatii hai!!

कहते हैं आप कविता नही लिखते कविता आपको लिखती है,जब उसको आना होता है तो वो ये नही देखती की आपके पास विषय है या नही ,वो तो बस आ जाती है | पता नही मैंने इस कविता ने मुझे और मैंने इस कविता को कितना लिखा है |मेरे लिए फर्क करना मुश्किल है
क्या लिखूँ
कुछ जीत लिखू या हार लिखूँ
या दिल का सारा प्यार लिखूँ
कुछ अपनो के ज़ाज़बात लिखू या सपनो की सौगात लिखूँ
मै खिलता सुरज आज लिखू या चेहरा चाँद गुलाब लिखूँ
वो डूबते सुरज को देखूँ या उगते फूल की सान्स लिखूँ
वो पल मे बीते साल लिखू या सादियो लम्बी रात लिखूँ
मै तुमको अपने पास लिखू या दूरी का ऐहसास लिखूँ
मै अन्धे के दिन मै झाँकू या आँन्खो की मै रात लिखूँ
मीरा की पायल को सुन लुँ या गौतम की मुस्कान लिखूँ
बचपन मे बच्चौ से खेलूँ या जीवन की ढलती शाम लिखूँ
सागर सा गहरा हो जाॐ या अम्बर का विस्तार लिखूँ
वो पहली -पाहली प्यास लिखूँ या निश्छल पहला प्यार लिखूँ
सावन कि बारिश मेँ भीगूँ या आन्खो की बरसात लिखूँ
गीता का अॅजुन हो जाॐ या लकां रावन राम लिखूँ
मै हिन्दू मुस्लिम हो जाॐ या बेबस ईन्सान लिखूँ
मै ऎक ही मजहब को जी लुँ या मजहब की आन्खे चार लिखूँ
कुछ जीत लिखू या हार लिखूँ या दिल का सारा प्यार लिखूँ